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Introducing the New User Interface for Flipdeck on iOS

Flipdeck's new user interface

Did you know that in addition to Flipdeck for Teams, there’s also a standalone app for iOS? Here are the new features we rolled out in our version 1.2 release.

Revamped UI showing Recently Sent items

Check out our revamped UI design

We want Flipdeck to be easy to use, and we’ve been working hard to make the Flipdeck for iOS interface even more user friendly. Update the app on your iPhone today and get to know our more intuitive application.

New Dashboard screen

Get to know the new dashboard

As part of our new interface design, the new dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of the statistics you need — and doesn’t bother you with ones you don’t need. See how many cards, decks, and favorites you have in a single graphic. The new Recently Sent feature gives you easy access to the cards you’ve been sending lately, making frequent communication even easier.

Updated Card Image options

Use animated GIFs as card images

Static images not doing it for you? Want more variety as you’re building your cards and decks? No problem. Flipdeck on iOS now supports memes, GIFs, and any other animated images. Simply upload the animated image of your choice from your Photo Library when building your new card — just as you would with a still image.

We hope the new design and new features will make it even easier to send and share cards from your iPhone.

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