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Card anatomy

Flipdeck iOS Puts Key Information at Your Fingertips

Do you ever get repeatedly asked for the same information — over and over again? The Flipdeck for iOS app can put the answers to your own personal FAQs right at your fingertips.

Sales team talking

Flipdeck is a Member of the Vendor Neutral Certified 100

We’re excited to share that we’ve been recognized by Vendor Neutral as a Certified 100 program vendor. Vendor Neutral offers innovative programs and concierge service to help clients find the right combination of SalesTech for their needs.

Sales team talking

Increase Sales by Reducing Your Reaction Time

Generating more sales is one of the most common concerns of today’s business teams — but increased spending on lead generation may not be the most effective use of your resources. Nurturing the opportunities you already have through meaningful conversations and targeted messaging can advance your sales — guiding them through the mid-funnel and toward the close.

Flipdeck screens

What Do Trading Cards Have to Do with Sales Teams?

When designing Flipdeck, we realized that having a relatable analogy and a simple visual interface would be essential — and the search began.

Flipdeck's new user interface

Introducing the New User Interface for Flipdeck on iOS

Did you know that in addition to Flipdeck for Teams, there’s also a standalone app for iOS? Here are the new features we rolled out in our version 1.2 release.

Flipdeck dashboard on laptop

Get More Out of Flipdeck for Teams with Our New Dashboard

We've updated the interface to enhance your Flipdeck for Teams experience — helping both users and account owners focus on what matters to them.

Mobile Phone with Flipdeck on Screen

No Website? No Problem!

If you're an independent contractor, a small business owner or self-employed, you can use Flipdeck to easily share your business information with potential customers.

Selling Power 2018 - Flip. Send. Close.

Flipdeck Has Been Recognized as a Top Sales Enablement Tool

Sales teams know that the right content - at the right moment - can be vital in moving customer conversations toward the close. That's why Flipdeck was included in the December edition of Selling Power magazine - as one of their Top 15 Sales Enablement Partners of 2018!

Laptop and phone with Flipdeck on screens

Sending Cards to Multiple Recipients is Easier
Than Ever

Good news! We've made it even easier to send multiple cards to multiple recipients. No more sending cards one at a time.

Laptop and phone showing Flipdeck Card email

Working Hard Behind the Scenes to Give You a Great User Experience

Check out our latest maintenance update — simplifying the Flipdeck user experience and keeping bugs at bay.

Check Out Our Updated Terms of Use and Our Latest Function Improvements

At Flipdeck, we're working hard to be transparent and to continually implement customer feedback.

Flipdeck cards

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel — Share Completed Cards With Other Users

Have cards that are performing especially well? Share the wealth! Our latest update enables card sharing, so your entire team can be on the same page.